Saturday, November 10, 2012


Tasksheet 2

Write in ONE paragraph

Aunt Ina is an old woman and weak. Every weekend we visit her in the village.  _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Tasksheet 1

Complete the notes given and write in ONE paragraph

Examples :

1.     Aunt Ina – old – weak – lives alone.
Aunt Ina is an old woman and weak.
She lives alone.

2.     Every weekend – we – visit
Every weekend we visit her in the village.

Exercise :

3.     Mother – cooks lunch – we have a meal together.


4.     Later – my sisters, Aunt Ina and I – congkak


5.     Evening – Lake Gardens – Aunt Ina likes – sit – lake.


6.     Sisters and I – jog around – park.


7.     Sunday – return home,


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


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-Use a and an with singular countable nouns.
Examples : a heroine, an honest( the h is silent ) man, a unit( pronounced yu instead of u)
-Do not use a or an with pural countable nouns or specific nouns.
Examples : heroines, honest men, units.
-Use the with specific countable nouns
Example : The honest taxi driver was praised by the police.
-Use  the  with the superlative form of adjective.
Example : the largest, the tallest
-Use the with unique nouns, that is, when there is only one object of its kind.
Example : the sun, the moon, the Earth, the sky.
-Use the with same ……as
Example : Some types of mineral water taste the same as tap water. I have the same pencil case as yours.


A nouns is a word used as a name for a person, place, thing or ideas.
Concrete Nouns
Concrete nouns refer to people,places,things or animals.
Examples : boy ,city ,key, rabbit
Abstract Nouns
Abstract nouns refer to qualities, states, actions or events.
Examples : bravery,happiness, laugh, examination.
Common Nouns
Common Nouns are names of things and people.
Example : car, computer, doctor
Proper Nouns
Proper Nouns are names  of specific things and people.
Example : Dr Grey
Countable Nouns
Countable Nouns are nouns that can be counted like motorcycles, cars and buildings.
We use ‘a’ or ‘an’ with singular countable nouns like a bag  and an apple.
We use determiners like many and a few with plural countable nouns. For example many tourists and a few teachers
Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns  are nouns which cannot be counted like air and water
We use determiners like much and a little with uncountable nouns.
For example, much trouble and a little money.

Teach about Mr. Nobody

The poem is narrated from the first and third person point of view. 'Mr Nobody' is a metaphor used for doing mischief and the story of Mr. Nobody is one in which no one is willing to take the blame as it is very convenient to shift the blame to others.

Moral values
1. Respect one another
2. Help one another
3. Do not procrastinate
4. Own up if we are wrong